Not my faith but His faithfulness 

Looking retrospectively at where I was in very recent past and where I am now has compelled me to share this summary:
God is so faithful! Mehn! He is just too much! How do u love people who alternate being cold, warm and hot for you faithfully and consistently? People who are sometimes too busy to make you a part of their day? No one has the ability to love unconditionally and faithfully irrespective of the other party’s acknowledgement or not but God. Words are inadequate to express the depth of His love and faithfulness to mankind. His faithfulness marvels me!
I must say that it has been far from a smooth sail but He has been so near… inshort at my weakest points He carries me…He makes all the difference …every need He has met, every promise He has kept! Even when my faith is far from enough His faithfulness has remained unwavering.
He deserves not just my praise but my yielding completely to Him…and I live to give Him His due!


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