The start…


I have always had a flair for writing. Anytime my emotions are heightened all i think of is ‘put it into writing’.

Happiness, sadness, fear, rage, confusion, and even peace and calm spur me to write. Majority of such are addressed to God. And sincerely, it always makes a difference…. I feel like the recipient halves or doubles it! (as the case may be)

I have had mixed feelings about having a platform where i would write and share my aspirations, experiences, thoughts, lessons learned and even regrets because am far from an open book. I talk alot but RARELY about the things rooted deep inside of me not even with my closest allies.

Today, i told myself this truth (bluntly) :

I can just be me!

Am done trying to play God… Done trying to make everything seem perfect when am burning inside…Done trying to make things work the way i think they should… Done trying to please everyone around me while displeasing myself… Done patching… Done lying to myself. Oh! Am done!

Am learning to communicate how i feel more often. Even if i am unable to say it, i will write it. I will make it known however!

Am also learning to say “Yes” with excitement, or else “No” with grace. It’s way better than being resentful for doing things i don’t want to and bottling up so much inside.

I just started the journey of a new decade in my life and i promised myself(with God’s help) that i will not just be me but i’ll be the best me!

For the general purpose of accountability i have decided to put down things i desire and hence will work toward achieving in the year ahead:

*A more intimate and personalised relationship with God

*Making healthier choices

*Loving and appreciating myself more than i ever have

*Being a better daughter, sister, partner and friend(as the case may be)

*Writing more often

*Giving nothing short of my best to the project am working on

*Building a career in Public Health and securing my dream job

*Ultimately making the best of my present rather than letting the days pass by without any goals, plans or achievements made.

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